WATCH: Yuasa – The Birthtown of Soy Sauce

These days, soy sauce has become a commodity found all around the world. However, for the most part, what is known as soy sauce today only imitates the original.

Few people know that 750 years ago, a small town in Wakayama, Japan named Yuasa was the birthplace of soy sauce. And it seems that over time, the process of making an authentic thing that undergoes traditional fermentation, taking between one and two years, has gone out of fashion. But not here.

Soy Sauce is said to have originated in China and then brought over to Japan by a Buddhist monk who settled down in current-day Wakayama Prefecture in 1254. Using the abundance of clear, spring water from the town of Yuasa he began producing a type of miso that he had learned about on his travels that had been used to preserve vegetables. A byproduct from this process – a liquid that collected in the barrels of the miso paste – was soy sauce. And this is how the town of Yuasa became the birthplace of Soy Sauce.

In this masterfully-made eye pleasing short documentary, Japanese filmmaker Mile Nagaoka walks us down the streets of Yuasa and into a traditional soy sauce manufacturer that’s still producing soy sauce almost exactly the same way it was made more than 750 years ago. A must watch for all foodies.

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