Best of August

Finally, this month I got my eyes on Theater of Life. Thank you, Netflix. The documentary follows chef Massimo Bottura, whose Osteria Francescana was named world’s best restaurant in 2016 and featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table, as he embarks on an ambitious project. But instead of elites and gourmands, he’s serving refugees, recovering drug addicts, former sex workers, the homeless and the hungry. Watch it on Netflix.

IKEA's new catalog. Especially Hay's Ypperlig series. I am not a big fan of celebrity designers and mass market brand collaborations and, to be honest, I do not own any items of this kind but I am really gonna think about this two seated sofa.

I guess this fun tablecloth The Feast by could be a nice present for someone with a good sense of style and / or humor.

KALVE is a novel coffee roastery in Latvia, established by well known coffee professionals Gatis Zemanis and Raimonds Zadvornovs. With the purpose of strengthening and developing the culture of coffee production, brewing and drinking they are bringing a coffee full of flavours and style.

I miss living in Vilnius and especially slow Sundays when we used to visit local cheese market. I knocked a semi-hard sheep cheese ŪTA from my most beloved cheesemakers in Lithuania – Giedriaus Prakapavičiaus ūkis only by accident in a local supermarket (Linkėjimai iš kaimo food stall at your biggest Maxima store).

The street food craze is fast sweeping across Baltics. Latvians followed the steps of their neighbours and for the first time put up a really nice and vibrant street food festival at Kalnciema kvartals with all it's mess and glory. Most of the stalls are extensions of best city's restaurants and small producers – hard to resist to anything. The event became so popular it was extended to run every Wednesday of September as well.

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