why another food blog?

If there is one last thing the world really needs right now, it would be another food blog. So, why do this? That is the exact same question I kept asking myself for more than four years now, after I closed my first (and to be honest, quite popular and successfully running) food and recipe blog.

Sometimes you change so that you hate the sound of your own voice, so that the world you live in is so unfamiliar that you have to go back to where you began before you can take another step forward, before you know how to live in the world again. Torn between my past, passion to write and evolve as a food photographer, I decided that silence is the best medicine. I wasn't cooking. I wasn't writing. Just documenting my food journeys with my eyes and my always loyal camera. Remaining silent was the best choice until I couldn't remain speechless no longer.

You see, in the era of food blogs, facebook pages, home cooks and amateur restaurateurs I was and still am feeling the void. Void of people talking serious about food that we all eat. Void of knowledge put onto our daily plates. Void of local, seasonal, simple and made with purpose. I was feeling the void of professional food writing, having a well-grounded opinion (and believe me I have one!) and sticking to it, because you know the answers. I was feeling the void of professionalism. And aesthetics. Not just a couple handfuls of mediocre recipes thrown together into a pile that no one really cares about.

The idea of this blog was born a year and a half ago, one really really cold and dark February eve. Since the day I moved from Vilnius to Riga, and Tallinn being so close to us now, the whole new horizons were just in front of my eyes and plate, just waiting there for me to explore. That said, bit by bit I created my own definition of what is the modern Baltic way of living. I love to observe and see that contemporary art of Baltic eating is evolving right now, as we speak. But being a perfectionist, as I am, and knowing that writing something worth reading is really time consuming, I was talking myself off this idea for a long time. But it just kept crawling back into my mind, so I decided to give it a try do it.

I am not just a photographer. I’m a storyteller. I like my pictures to begin and end with story and vice versa. And I am falling in love again. With myself putting carefully crafted words together. I don’t want to waste my life on acceptable words. I don’t want to say things that the rest of the world has already said. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time with meaningless chatter meant to create SEO rankings, get a post up, fill a page. I want to say real things. I want to spin stories here like morning spider webs with words and in pictures.

I am here to give a shout out to the real lovers of food, to people who dedicate their life shaping modern Baltic gastronomy and saving traditions, to amazing restaurants that the big wild world needs to know about, to wholehearted and devoted farmers and makers that make exceptional produce, as well – shitty and pretentious food that no one should care about.

And I hope you're gonna enjoy it.

White sturgeon caviar in cream and asparagus juice sauce
Nüman (Kaunas, Lithuania), 2017


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